28th International Telecommunications Society Conference to take place at the University of Passau from 30 July to 3 August

After Cambridge, Madrid and Brussels, the latest regional conference of the International Telecommunications Society will take place at the University of Passau.

From 30 July to 3 August, some 150 academics and professionals from the world of Law, Computer Science and Business will debate on the topic of Competition and Regulation in the Information Age. The media and interested public are cordially invited to the opening ceremony on at 9:30 a.m. on 31 July in the large council chamber (großer Rathaussaal) of the Old Town Hall of Passau (Altes Rathaus, Rathausplatz 2).

This conference is organised by the International Telecommunications Society. Following the welcome speeches by the society’s Chairman Stephen Schmidt, Head Mayor Jürgen Dupper and University President Carola Jungwirth, a keynote speech will be delivered starting 10:00 a.m. by Ingo Vogelsang, Professor of Economics at the University of Boston. From Monday morning until Wednesday evening, experts from academia and business will be engaged in workshops on current developments in the telecommunications industry ranging from data communications, mobile and cloud technologies, privacy and data policy to the Internet of Things.

Furthermore, the programme will feature two additional international panels: 

Dr Falk von Bornstädt (Deutsche Telekom), Professor William Lehr (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr Cara Schwarz-Schilling (Bundesnetzagentur) and Harald Summa (CEO of eco/DE-CIX) will debate on the topic of IP Interconnection at 5.30 p.m. on 31 July in Lecture Theatre 7 (Business Administration and Economics building, Innstrasse 27). The debate will be moderated by Scott Marcus. 

Dr Marie Charlotte Roques Bonnet (Director of EMEA privacy policy at Microsoft), Dr Nicolaus Gollwitzer (CEO Telefónica Next) and Jiri Pilar (DG Connect, G.1/European Commission) will talk on the topic of 'Personal Data Markets'. This debate will be moderated by Professor Jan Krämer of the University of Passau. 

Journalists are welcome to attend and are requested to bring their press IDs. The events are open to the general public. Please register beforehand at An admission fee is charged for entry to the events.

For more details, see the conference programme

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