Center Digitisation.Bavaria: University of Passau gains two Junior Research Groups

The Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts is funding research groups working on projects that have significant relevance for digitalisation. This funding is administered through the Center Digitisation.Bavaria (CD.B). Six Bavarian universities have submitted successful proposals, including the University of Passau as the only university to have been given approval for two Junior Research Groups, funded for a five-year term with a total volume of 2.3 million euros.

The successful projects are Data Neutrality & Open Access: Coherent Economic Policies for the Digital Economy, headed by Dr Daniel Schnurr (Chair of Internet and Telecommunications Business); and PICCARD – lmproving Communication and Collaboration of Developers with Dr Janet Siegmund (Chair of Software Engineering) as the Principal Investigator.

Upon learning of the approval of the CB.D research groups, University President Carola Jungwirth commented: ‘This wonderful success demonstrates that the University of Passau produces excellent research and provides effective support for early career researchers.’

Daniel Schnurr said: ‘The approval for our research group is an ideal foundation for continuing my research projects on co-operation and competition in digital markets, which goes back to my doctoral thesis topic. I am particularly looking forward to the planned interdisciplinary co-operation within the CD.B initiative, which enables us to comprehensively analyse economic, technological and legal questions of digitalisation.’

Janet Siegmund: ‘Particularly with increasing globalisation in the software engineering sector, it is important to truly understand and provide support for the need for co-ordination among distributed software teams. The interdisciplinary positioning of the CD.B initiative allows us to highlight these aspects from various academic vantage points and thus to develop a comprehensive approach for providing optimal support to software engineering teams.’

The aim of the planned research programme of the newly established groups is to provide support to early career researchers working on topics related to digitalisation. Outstanding, ambitious early career researchers with a doctorate or a comparable qualification will be provided with an opportunity to build and lead an autonomous research group on an innovative research interest that has a strongly application-oriented relevance. This enables the crème-de-la-crème of early career researchers to advance digitalisation-relevant topics in their postdoctoral research and teaching.

About Center Digitisation.Bavaria (CD.B)

The aim of Center Digitisation.Bavaria is to further boost and bundle the research competencies of Bavaria in the area of digitalisation, to promote co-operation between businesses and universities in key areas, to intensify business start-up support and accompany society’s dialogue on digitalisation. The measures planned by Center Digitisation.Bavaria are deployed across all of Bavaria.

The University of Passau in the CD.B

Measures taken thus far include the establishment of 20 new professorships across Bavaria, of which the University of Passau has received one – the Chair of European and International Information and Data Protection Law held by Professor Louisa Specht.

Moreover, Professor Burkhard Freitag, a Professor of the University of Passau has been appointed speaker of the Science working group within the CB.D’s thematic platform of ‘Digitalisation in Education, Science and Culture’.

To find out more, visit the Center Digitisation.Bavaria website.

Katrina Jordan | 15.02.2017




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