New Head of Administration of the University of Passau

As of December 2016 onwards, Dr Achim Dilling will be Head of Administration of the University of Passau. President Carola Jungwirth presented him with the certificate of appointment on 22 November. The new Head of Administration brings a wealth of experience both in the areas of business management, accountancy and management accounting as well as in managing academic institutions, having headed the General Business Administration teaching unit of the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems.

Dr Achim Dilling

Dr Dilling will officially take office on 1 December. 'I am looking forward to helping shape the dynamic development of the University of Passau. Passau is known to offer good conditions for study and research: The basis for this is the University's excellent service offered to students and academics. For me, it is both my aim and challenge to ensure this remains so in the future', Dr Dilling said at his appointment.

Achim Dilling was born in Eschwege, Hesse, in 1973. After completing secondary school, Achim Dilling trained in the banking sector before going on to study Business Administration at Georg August University Göttingen, where he gained his doctorate in 2002. Following this, he worked in accounting and strategic management departments of private enterprises and public bodies. In 2006, he joined the University of Passau as Senior Lecturer, overseeing the Business Administration Teaching Unit. There, he taught business accounting, cost accounting and corporate governance and management. During his time at the University of Passau, Dr Dilling has written a number of textbooks and initiated the Start-up Café, an incubator unit for university spin-outs. Since May 2016, he has been in charge of the Transparency and Budgeting project initiated by the University Executive under the leadership of President Carola Jungwirth. Dr Achim Dilling lives in Passau and is married with two children.

| 29.11.2016



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