Transfer Centre inaugurated at the University of Passau

Established on 17 July as part of the Technik Plus initiative, the Transfer Centre of the University of Passau will provide a platform for knowledge transfer, continuing education and business start-up consultancy; it will also assume the functions of the Computer Science Research Campus ("Forschungscampus Informatik").

The Transfer Centre aims to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application by helping to make research accessible to business, society and the wider community. As a central facility of the University, the Transfer Centre's services are available to all faculties and academic disciplines; one of its objectives is to promote and coordinate knowledge and technology transfer in interdisciplinary contexts.

"As a service and coordination centre, the Transfer Centre will serve as an interface between academia and those who wish to put our research to practical use," explains Professor Robert Obermaier, Vice President for Research and Transfer and Director of the Transfer Centre. "The Transfer Centre is the primary contact for businesses, local government representatives and other social institutions who wish to work together with the University of Passau, and ensures that all enquiries received are forwarded to the relevant scholars and scientists. On the other hand, it advises scholars and scientists of the University of Passau on the transfer of research data and results to companies, local government or society at large."

The Transfer Centre has three spheres of activity: in the area of knowledge transfer its aim is to intensify and pool the transfer-related activities within the University of Passau for effective communication outside the University itself. In terms of business start-up support, it will provide consultancy and assistance to members of the University who are interested in founding a company – students, lecturers, research fellows and professors. In addition, it will work to further encourage spin-outs from all faculties by putting on measures such as Entrepreneurial Education, a Business Start-up Café, the 5 Euro Business Plan competition, and the development of a start-up network involving regional and national institutions related to entrepreneurship. Finally, the Transfer Centre will concentrate existing continuing education activities directed at an external target group and provide support and coordination when establishing additional marketable continuing education programmes in collaboration with suitable external education providers.

Dr Günther Hribek, the administrative head of the University's Transfer Centre, will ensure continuous development and expansion of its activities.

Katrina Jordan | 17.07.2013




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