University of Passau cooperates with leading Indian universities

In the wake of German Head of State Joachim Gauck’s visit to India in February 2014—which sent a strong signal for the excellent ties between India and Germany—a high-ranking delegation from the University of Passau visited India to strengthen and expand strategic partnerships with a number of universities. In doing so, the University of Passau is fully in line with the strategic direction given by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which is funded by "A New Passage to India"— a special programme financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

New joint doctoral programme between IIT Madras and University of Passau

On 19 February, Passau University’s Vice President for International Relations, Professor Wolfgang Hau, signed an agreement on a joint doctoral degree programme with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in Chennai, southern India. Under this agreement, the cooperation between the two universities centres on producing world-class research in the field of business studies and economics at both IIT Madras's Department of Management Studies and the University of Passau's Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. The two institutions will jointly train doctoral researchers, who, on successfully completing their studies, will receive two doctoral degrees: a PhD from IIT Madras and a doctorate from the University of Passau. "This joint agreement is the latest milestone in a long-standing and highly fruitful cooperative partnership between IIT Madras and the University of Passau," explains Wolfgang Hau. The partnership began in 1995 when Professor Rajendran came to Passau on a DAAD-financed research stay at the Chair of Production and Logistics held by Professor Hans Ziegler, who has coordinated these exchanges ever since.

"One highly welcome aspect of this cross-border co-operation is that it works well in both directions," explains Hans Ziegler. "About six students from Passau and Chennai complete part of their studies at the respective partner university each year, with the support of the DAAD and BayIND, the Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and Higher Education. What is both gratifying and remarkable about this partnership is that it enjoys the active support of a large number of academics at both institutions: six professors from Passau and seven from IIT Madras have already actively taken part in staff exchanges – some of whom more than once – to teach and conduct research at the partner institution. These research stays have brought forth a significant number of publications."

New cooperative partners for Law

The delegation's trip to India also resulted in two new partnerships with two of the finest universities in India for the Faculty of Law of the University of Passau: the National Law School of India University (NLSIU, Bangalore), which has regularly come out on top of the list of 1,000-odd law schools in India, and the National Law University (Delhi), which, although a very young university, has already gained an excellent reputation in the international arena. The credit for the successful conclusion of the agreements is in no small measure due to NLSIU Bangalore's Professor Vijayakumar's untiring efforts to facilitate and promote the partnerships. During a visit to the University of Passau during the winter semester Professor Vijayakumar gave a number of well-received guest lectures at the Faculty of Law of the University of Passau.

The two new partner universities will cooperate closely in the area of research, particularly in the fields of human rights protection, world trade law and international cooperation in civil and criminal affairs. On a practical level, this will entail research stays, joint papers, conferences and projects attracting third-party funding, and above all cooperation at postgraduate research level. Moreover, guest lecturers will teach undergraduate and graduate students on both sides of the partnerships the specificities of Indian and German and European law respectively. According to Vice President Hau, "The next stage, following the example of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, will be active student exchanges between the Law Faculty in Passau and the law schools in India."

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| 06.03.2014


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Note for editors: Please address your media enquiries to the Media Relations section of the University of Passau.