Video: How labour disputes lead to unhealthier cities

A group of researchers around Professor Stefan Bauernschuster has analysed the wider ramifications of strike action. The American Economic Association has now summarised the results in a video.

How strike action affects public health

Strikes in the public transportation system lead to an increase in the volume of traffic on the roads, in turn raising the accident rate and air pollution levels. This means that taking strike action not only affects the targeted company but the entire population of a city. The American Economic Association has summarised Passau economist Professor Stefan Bauernschuster' research findings in a video clip.
Video Clip from the American Economic Association

Professor Stefan Bauernschuster, Dr Timo Hener and Professor Helmut Rainer analysed strikes in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. The findings in a nutshell: traffic volume increases during strike days; commuters spend 11 to 13 percent more time on the road; traffic accidents increase by 14 percent; particle pollution on strike days is 14 percent elevated compared to normal days; on strike days, more respiratory problems are diagnosed, especially in children.
American Economic Journal article

| 07.03.2017



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