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Portrait photographs of Professor Jan Krämer and Dr Daniel Schnurr

Researchers advise against non-discrimination obligations for big online platforms

Researchers from Passau and Namur, Belgium, have investigated discriminatory practices of online platforms such as sponsored search results and paid prominence. The research was commissioned by Brussels-based think tank CERRE....

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Dr Paul Alibert (Attaché for Science and University Co-operation for Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg), author Professor Ursula Reutner, French Consul General Pierre Lanapats, Director of Institut Français, Thomas Vautravers (source: Institut Français, Munich)

Chair of Romance Languages and Cultures publishes first handbook on the distribution of the French language around the globe

The handbook, titled Manuel des francophonies, is the result of the first comprehensive survey of the linguistic situation in French-speaking countries according to a uniform set of criteria and following a systematic structure....

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From left to right: Walter Taubeneder (Member of the Bavarian Parliament), Gerlinde Kaupa (Deputy District Administrator), Professor Tomas Sauer, Professor Carola Jungwirth (President of the University), Professor Gerhard Waschler (Member of the Bavarian Parliament), Professor Randolf Hanke, (Head of Fraunhofer Development Center X-Ray Technology) and Jürgen Dupper (Head Mayor of the City of Passau), with a cardboard cutout of Joseph von Fraunhofer, after whom the Fraunhofer Society is named. Photo: University of Passau

Fraunhofer IIS to set up a research group at the University

For Passau, it's an old dream come true – a non-university research institution setting up a branch at the University. Now, a first step on this path has been made. Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, headquartered...

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Professor Schumann at the interview

Study on the success of free digital services

Professor Jan Hendrik Schumann’s Chair for Marketing and Innovation has researched the success of free digital services in the publication ‘How Consumers Assess Free E-Services: The Role of Benefit-Inflation and Cost-Deflation...

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Whose name comes first? International study on the effects of naming order of authors of academic articles

A large part of academic research all over the world is conducted within teams of researchers. As this makes it difficult for the reader to discern who wrote which contribution, it has become common practice to attempt to deduce...

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