German-taught double master's programme with the Turkish-German University, Istanbul

German-taught double master's programme with the Turkish-German University, Istanbul

Master's programme in Intercultural Management at the TDU Istanbul
Quick facts
ProgrammeIntercultural Management at the Turkish-German University (TDU) Istanbul and the University of Passau
Degrees awardedTwo Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees, awarded by the University of Passau and the TDU Istanbul
Duration and credits4 semesters; 120 ECTS credits
Starts inOctober (winter semester)

About the programme

The master's degree in Intercultural Management at the Turkish-German University (TDU) gives students the opportunity of studying abroad with additional qualifications in a Turkish-German context and to gain of a second master's degree in the process. The Turkish-German University is regarded as a flagship project of the German government; it fosters academic collaboration and intercultural dialogue between both countries.

Students enrolled (or about to enrol) in the M.A. International Cultural and Business Studies programme of the University of Passau have the opportunity to concurrently apply for studying at the TDU. Please note the differing admission requirements at the TDU. After being accepted at the TDU, students can acquire a double master's degree in four semesters (120 ECTS credits). 60 ECTS credits are obtained during the first year of studies, from September to May at the TDU; subsequently, students spend their third and fourth semesters at the University of Passau, where they gain the remaining 60 ECTS credits.

The language of instruction for the programme is German and the degree programme at the TDU begins in October each year.


  • This programme, which combines economics, cultural and language studies, is unique in Germany and Turkey.
  • Learn Turkish in Istanbul as part of the programme.
  • The remit of the degree programme corresponds to that of Passau's M.A. International Cultural and Business Studies programme.
  • Take part in a two-month research project in co-operation with companies, e.g. at the head offices of Bosch, Mercedes or Siemens in Istanbul in the second semester.
  • The third semester features a master's project and a master's colloquium, discussing academic and practical questions of the master's thesis.
  • Study in Istanbul, a fascinating metropolis!
  • A productive learning environment in a small study group.

Career prospects

With a master's degree in Intercultural Management, you will enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities in industry and business, in the financial, tourism, media or education sectors, at public-sector institutions or in politics. As a graduate, you are ready to start a career in marketing, sales, customer relationship management, purchasing, organisational planning, human resource management, training and development, research, or in press and public relations. In this wide range of fields you will be able to work as an expert in Turkish-German relations. Alternatively, you will be able to lay the foundations for your a career in academia by continuing with doctoral study.

Programme syllabus

The study programme at the TDU includes three module groups, key skills courses and the master's thesis. The language of instruction for all modules is German.

A) Core modules
Following a general introduction, you will complete modules in intercultural communication, comparative cultural studies and intercultural management.

B) Cultural studies
This module deepens your understanding for culture, language and literature, history and cultural area studies (cultural geography) from a Turkish-German perspective. Special introductory modules are offered for each subject.

C) Business and economics
The modules in this group include an introduction to the field as well as theory and empirical modules on the management of multinational companies; product, brand and communication management; new venture creation; finance and management accounting. Students will consolidate this knowledge during the study phase at the University of Passau.

Transferable skills

  • Language tuition in German, English and Turkish as part of the programme
  • Introduction to research methods

Master's thesis
When writing your master thesis, you receive individual supervision and guidance from the lecturers, including a project week to help you get started with your master's project. During the study phase at the University of Passau you will take part in a master's colloquium, which is intended to foster exchanges between students, academics and experts from the private sector and other institutions.

Impressions from the programme

How to apply for a place on the programme

This programme is open to those studying or applying for the M.A. International Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau. If you wish to study the double degree programme, you should apply directly to the TDU in Istanbul.

Application period at the TDU in Istanbul: 10 May to 10 June 2019

Following the assessment of the formal requirements, shortlisted candidates are invited for a selection interview, which will take place at the TDU in Istanbul; students from Germany may alternatively register to for an interview at the University of Passau.

For the enrolment dates and programme start see the academic calendar of the TDU (in German). The Turkish academic year (2 semesters per year) runs from September to May, with a short holiday from the end of January to the beginning of February.