A great place to live

A great place to live

The Klostergarten immediately outside the University

What are the advantages of living and studying in Passau?

  • low cost of living
  • high quality of services
  • excellent sports facilities at the University
  • situated close to the Czech and Austrian borders, with excellent transport links
  • a low-crime area
  • a well-respected degree and good job prospects all over the world

Half as expensive as Munich, but at least as nice!

Accommodation, shopping and leisure activities are far more affordable here than in the larger cities – and the quality of goods and services is the same.

Passau offers a wealth of little boutiques, shops and cafés in the pedestrian zone, as well as in the recently built shopping mall. Passau also has a vibrant student scene and plenty of nightlife: clubs, bars and even an Irish pub, as well as numerous cultural events throughout the year.

One of the lowest crime rates in Germany

It is safe to walk through the city centre at night or go home from the railway station on foot or by bus.

Easy to reach from all directions

Thanks to the the great rail links, the motorway, Munich and Linz international airports and even the shipping routes, Passau is conveniently reached by almost all forms of transport. The Bavarian Forest, a national park, is in the immediate vicinity and a great place for hiking in summer or skiing in winter. You can also go on a short boat trip to explore the Danube area or go on a longer cruise by ship; or by bike on the Danube Bike Trail that goes all the way to Romania. Austria is within walking distance, a trip to the Czech Republic takes one hour by car, Munich is two hours away and it's only a three-hour drive to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Seven great reasons for studying in Passau

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Need more reasons?  Conditions for study, double degrees, the Language Centre, business links, Germany's most beautiful campus, student life, Bavarian flair and a great place to live.


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