Student life

Student life


Student clubs and societies

There's more to studying than living away from home working towards a university degree; it is also a time to get involved in one of the many student initiatives, of which Passau has about 70.

These groups and the highly pro-active Students' Union liven up the campus scene and the town itself with their many cultural events, ensuring that your student life will be anything but dull.

The vast majority of students are involved in at least one student group – so why not join them?

The various student groups and initiatives include local branches of national and international student networks such as AEGEE and AIESEC, more narrowly focused groups such as GoverNet and CampusCrew – the University's radio station – as well as cultural groups, for instance the Lichtgestalten photo project group or the University choir, HardCHOR.


Get moving: sports offered by the Sports Centre

Rowing competition on the river Inn

Studying at university means spending long hours hunched over books and sitting in lectures: students need to get a lot of exercise to achieve a healthy balance.

This is where the Sports Centre of the University of Passau comes into play. As one of the best university sports centres in Germany, it offers students an impressive selection of about 50 different coached sports, including rowing, basketball, hockey, kung fu, American Football and skiing. 
In other words: whatever sport you're into, we've probably got a course for it.

For some sports, such as rowing and football, the University regularly participates in competitions. In additin, those with an outstanding talent for sport can enter into a special programme for competitive athletes, allowing them to strike an ideal balance between their sport and their studies.

The student committees

Arts and humanities student committee
Law Student Committee
FS Wiwi
Computer Science and Mathematics student committee

Each faculty has its own student committee. For you as a student, your student committee is the primary point of contact for any questions related to your studies or student life in Passau; your fellow students at the student committee can also help you to organise your degree programme and lend a hand with setting up your timetable.

The student committees will be a permanent fixture in your student life, from your first day at uni all the way to graduation, to help you with problems small and big. On top of that, they are actively engaged in numerous cultural events in and around the University.

Seven great reasons for studying in Passau

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Need more reasons?  Conditions for study, double degrees, the Language Centre, business links, Germany's most beautiful campus, student life, Bavarian flair and a great place to live.


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