Living in Passau

Living in Passau

The Bavarian Venice

Passau is widely considered as one of the loveliest towns in Germany. It is picturesquely situated at the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz and has a population of about 50.000. Following two fires in  the 17th century, which all but destroyed the town, the Old town was rebuilt by Italian master builders, giving Passau its baroque, Italian flair. This fact, and the rivers which are reminiscent of Venetian canals, are what gave Passau the byname 'the Bavarian Venice'.
Numerous galleries and craftwork centers as well as the many bars, pubs and beer gardens make for a vibrant cultural and student scene. This is further enriched by the various events organised throughout the year by student societies and urban initiatives. The Passauer Dult, the traditional Christmas Market and many themed
boat excursions on the rivers Danube and Inn lend a special flair to this Bavarian Venice. Passau's proximity to the Bavarian Forest, Austria and the Czech Republic means there is a plethora of leisure-time possibilities.

The Cathedral of Passau

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