Continuing education and lifelong learning

Continuing education and lifelong learning

The Bologna Process, the rapid pace of scientific and technological progress as well as longer and more heterogeneous (work) life histories make continuing education and lifelong learning increasingly important, as a forward-looking stance to one's work life is only made possible by staying abreast of the latest developments in one's field and expanding one's skills and expertise.

A strategy for continuing education and lifelong learning

By developing a Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Strategy, the University of Passau seeks to address this problem and lend support to people living in Passau and the surrounding region who are interested in taking continuing education courses.

Through its Struktur 2015 funding programme, the former Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts will initially support this project until December 2017. This will enable the University of Passau to build a sound structural basis for the delivery of continuing education courses and programmes. The development of an overall concept will, moreover, allow new target groups outside the University to access qualified continuing education at the cutting edge of science.

The spectrum of tasks includes:

  • consolidating existing continuing education activities intended for organisations and individuals outside the University
  • supporting the faculties in establishing additional market-ready continuing education programmes
  • collaborating with selected continuing education providers

All our efforts are aimed at enhancing and organising the provision of continuing education, particularly in interdisciplinary contexts.

We work together closely with other universities, colleges, associations, organisations and Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) to support the development of Lower Bavaria as a place of education and business.

Our current range of continuing education courses and programmes


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