'Gründerzeit' - Academic leave for business planning

'Gründerzeit' - Academic leave for business planning

If you are planning to start your own business during your studies, the 'Gründerzeit' programme allows for you to spend up to two semesters of your studies for an academic leave of absence..

Applying for a leave semester


Please hand in your application in the Student Registration Office no later than six weeks ahead of the planned beginning of your absence.


The Transfer Centre (contact person: Stefan Jelinek) will examine your start-up plan considering

  • its potential
  • its plausibility
  • its current status

A maximum of two semesters of absence can be granted.

Start-up advice

During your absence, you will take part in three meetings with the University's start-up advice.

1st meeting:
Organisational issues and procedure
(within the first three weeks)

2nd and 3rd meeting:
a. progress of the start-up project
b. comprehensive start-up advice
c. networking with other business founders, advisors, experts, experienced entrepreneurs and investors


Within the first month after your leave has ended, you will be asked to draft a maximum of 2 pages reporting about the process of planning and founding your start-up company.

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