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Support for early career researchers

Support for early career researchers

Support for early career researchers at the University of Passau

Any university that strives to achieve sustained excellence in research and teaching must provide an excellent support base for those starting out on their research careers. For the University of Passau, ensuring that our doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars receive the best quality training and support is a top priority.

The University's Graduate Centre is a centralised, cross-disciplinary platform which addresses the needs of early career researchers across all faculties. The Centre serves as an umbrella structure, comprising doctoral programmes (postgraduate schools and research training groups), as well as individually-supervised doctoral and postdoctoral thesis projects. This promotes interdisciplinary exchanges between scholars.
In addition to this, the Graduate Centre offers its members an attractive selection of courses on:

  • research methods
  • principles of good academic practice
  • higher education teaching
  • management of academic organisations
DFG Research Training Group on Privacy

The DFG Research Training Group 1681/2 'Privacy and Digitalisation' is concerned with gauging the significance of privacy under the conditions of digitalisation and increasing heteronomy and testing existing concepts of privacy. Administered jointly by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Law, the research training group is directed at graduates and postgraduates with a research concept that can be completed within the funding period and that lends itself to interdisciplinary research.

Research Training Group on Privacy web pages