Information for scholarship recipients

Information for scholarship recipients

As a scholarship recipient you may join the Deutschlandstipendium student society at the University of Passau. Take part in regular meetings and mingle with the other scholarship recipients.

The Deutschlandstipendium student society

Deutschlandstipendium student society contact person:

Simone Schönmehl

What the scholarship recipients say

'The principle behind the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship, getting scholarship recipients in touch with companies during their time at university, is of immeasurable value at a time where networks are becoming more and more important.'

L. Keilhofer
6th semester on the B.A. International Cultural and Business Studies programme

'I think one of the significant advantages of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship is we, as students, can meet directly with the private supporters, giving us valuable information on internship and career entry opportunities. On top of that, I particularly like the fact that this financial support gives me the peace of mind to fully focus on your studies – and it allows me to go about my volunteering activities.'

A. Wagner
7th semester on the B.A. Business Administration and Economics programme

'One of the things I like about the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship is that there is no complicated selection process requiring expensive travel and long interviews.'

I. Mengenberg
5th semester on the B.A. Governance and Public Policy programme

'The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship not only makes it easier to make ends meet, but it also shows me that my achievements so far are being recognised.'

L. Winkelmann
3rd semester on the B.A. International Cultural and Business Studies programme

A photo taken at last year's award ceremony