Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

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The University of Passau enjoys an excellent reputation in Germany and the world owing to its consistent international approach and its focus on performance and practical relevance.

We expect a lot from our students – but at the same time, we give you individual support, provide first-rate education and give you the best chance for a bright future.

Deutschlandstipendium scholarship

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship

With the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship, we support particularly strong students at the University of Passau – both beginners and those in the middle of their degree programmes – with a monthly payment of 300 euros.

You can help fund a talented young person with as little as 150 euros per month: your contribution will be matched by a federal grant.

Become a sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship and establish a relationship with the most promising young talents!

Sponsor young talents

We need your support for the long-term subsidisation of the most promising students of the University of Passau. We welcome sponsorships from companies large, medium-sized and small, as well as foundations and private individuals.

How to become a sponsor

As a sponsor you have a number of opportunities to get involved with the scholarship programme of the University of Passau:

Sponsorship package 1

  • Spend a minimum amount of 1,800 euros and pay a one-year scholarship for one or more students.
  • Choose the discipline for which you want to sponsor a scholarship.
  • Make the scholarship holders special offers (e.g. internships or training seminars).
  • Meet your sponsored scholarship holders.
  • Those sponsoring five or more scholarships have the option of sitting on the selection committee.

Sponsorship package 2

  • Make a non-discipline-specific donation of at least 150 euros, the scholarship contribution for one month.
  • We then use the pooled donations to form full-year scholarships if possible.
  • We select particularly strong and socially committed students.

Your advantages as a sponsor

Your contribution will make a difference – regardless of whether your motivation is to make a connection with the cream of the crop of University of Passau students early on, support young talents or simply give back.

  • The University of Passau encourages exchanges between sponsors and scholarship recipients. As a sponsor you will be invited once a year to the scholarship award ceremony, giving you a chance to meet the scholarship holders personally.

  • Various events throughout the year give you the opportunity to get to know the University better, and provide a venue for you to exchange ideas with other sponsors.

  • You create an early link with your potential future specialists and managers.

  • With your permission, the University will publish your name on its website and in various publications. We can also provide you with information and image materials for your own public relations efforts.

  • You get to use the Deutschlandstipendium logo on your communications.

  • You get the opportunity to foster a relationship with the University and strengthen your role in the regional network.

  • Your donation is tax-deductible.

Contact information for sponsors

Do you have more questions or need information materials? The Communications and Marketing Division is here to help:

Anja Schuster – Head of the Communications and Marketing Division

Anja Schuster
Head of Communications and Marketing Division, Student Marketing, Education Fairs

Room 119
Phone: +49 851 509 1437