Digital campus

Digital campus

Stud.IP is a system that provides Internet support for offline courses. Its primary function is to coordinate and provide supplementary support for courses taught at the University. For instance, the system provides the electronic course catalogue of the University of Passau and helps with central processes, such as room allocation.

Students must use Stud.IP to sign up for their individual courses. Lecturers then derive the list of course attendees and use the system to send notices, files and other information to their attendees.

From the student's view, Stud.IP simplifies many organisational procedures: timetables are automatically drawn up by the system and the student can always stay up to date about the courses they have attended.

HISQIS gives you access to the online functions of the Examinations Office's student records administration system. Using HISQIS, you can register or de-register electronically for your examinations, get an overview of your course records, examination modules and accumulated ECTS credits, and print out certificates.

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