Re-registration and enrolment status

Re-registration and enrolment status

The re-registration period for the upcoming winter semester 2019 runs from 17 to 28 June 2019.

A semester contribution of EUR 72.00 is payable when you renew your registration. This consists of the student services contribution of currently EUR 52.00 and the EUR 20.00 semester bus pass fee. Please note that failure to pay the semester contribution on time (i.e. within the re-registration period) will result in your not being registered for your programme for the next semester and may lead to your being de-registered from the degree programme altogether.

University regulations on matriculation, re-registration, leave of absence and withdrawal/termination of registration (this document is in German)

Stud.IP notifications replace notifications by post

Please note you will no longer receive a letter in the post informing you that the re-registration period approaches; instead, you will see a notice when you log on to Stud.IP. Similarly, payment reminders are now e-mailed to your student e-mail address instead of being sent by post.

Payment details for bank transfers

Please use the following payment details when making your bank transfer. This allows us to properly identify what the payment is for.

The beneficiary's details are as follows:

  • Beneficiary name: Staatsoberkasse in Landshut für Universität Passau (if this is too long, you may shorten it to STOK Landshut f. Uni Passau)
  • Bank: BayernLB München
  • Reference/message line 1: your matriculation number, family name and given name
  • Reference/message line 2: the semester you are re-registering for, using WiSe as shorthand for 'winter semester' and SoSe for 'summer semester' (e.g. WiSe 2018/2019 or SoSe 2019)
  • IBAN: DE12 7005 0000 1401 1903 15

Please remember to validate your card at the start of each semester

When you put your CampusCard into one of the validation terminals, it will get a new valid-until date printed on, while the old valid-until date is deleted. Without a valid-until date your CampusCard will not be accepted as an ID card for use in examinations or as a bus pass.

  • New students in their first semester should validate their cards immediately after they obtain the card
  • Students returning for their second or higher semester can validate their cards approximately 10 days prior to the start of the new semester

Validation terminals location

  • the Administration building (Innstrasse 41) on the ground floor
  • the refectory (Mensa; Innstrasse 29) in the foyer
  • the Business, Economics and Information Systems building (WIWI; Innstrasse 27)
  • the Nikolakloster building (NK; Innstrasse 40)

Check if you need to renew your student grant/loan

If you receive a student loan or grant, this is a good time to check whether you need to renew your application. To do so, please contact the awarding body directly. If you are a BAföG recipient, the deadlines for reapplication are 31 July for the following winter semester and 31 January for the following summer semester (date of receipt; not date of posting!). Please contact the Student Services Association's Student Support Office for advice on BAföG funding. The Student Registration Office cannot dispense advice on student grants or loans.