Change of name or address

Change of name or address

If you have changed your name, you can change it in our records using the change of personal details form (see below) and by providing official proof of the name change. Address changes can be entered directly in HISQIS. If your new address is outside Germany, you should use the change of personal details form, as you will not be able to effect the change directly in HISQIS.

Change of personal details form (in German)

Webinar for prospective students

Attend our upcoming webinar at 5 p.m. on 4 July on how to apply at the University of Passau. The webinar is held in German and intended for students with a German higher education entrance qualification, e.g. the German Abitur. 

Contact for enquiries

Student Registration Office
Innstrasse 41
94032 Passau
Phone: +49 851 509 ext. 1127 or 1128