Enrolment certificates and other documents

Enrolment certificates and other documents

After matriculation, you will receive your account credentials for the University computer network and your university e-mail account information by post.

Your username will stay with you until you complete or withdraw from the degree programme. You will need it to apply for your student ID card, various IT services such as computer and network access and to register for modules (using Stud.IP) and examinations (using HISQIS). Furthermore, you will use your account credentials to apply for your student ID card (CampusCard) via the card portal in Stud.IP.

For more information and to access the individual systems, visit the login page of the Centre for Information Technology and Media Services (ZIM).

Please monitor your University e-mail account regularly, as all important correspondence from the Student Registration Office will be sent there.

Obtaining student certificates via the self-service function

Use the HISQIS portal you to print out certificates of student status and your student record. Institutions to which you present these documents can verify the authenticity of the certificates online. These computer-generated certificates are usually accepted, e.g. for child benefit applications, scholarship applications, for opening a bank account or taking out insurance, etc.

Please contact the Student Registration Office if you need help with obtaining certificates in general or if you require a special student status certificates, e.g. to submit to national pension insurance.