Enrolment certificates and other documents

Enrolment certificates and other documents

After matriculation, you will receive an e-mail from the Centre for Information Technology and Media Services (ZIM) containing your username for the University computer network and your university e-mail address.

Your username will stay with you until you complete or withdraw from the degree programme. You will need it to access the computers on campus and the computer network itself; log on to Stud.IP, from where you can request your CampusCard (student ID, among other things) and sign up for modules and courses; log on to the Campus Portal and HISQIS, from where you will register for course/module examinations.

For more information and to access the individual systems, visit the login page of the Centre for Information Technology and Media Services (ZIM)

Your official university e-mail account

Please monitor your university e-mail account regularly, as all important correspondence from the Student Registration Office will be sent there.

Obtaining student certificates via the self-service function

Using the Campus Portal you can print out your enrolment certificate, BAföG student loan certificate, confirmation of past enrolment periods certificate and your parking permit.

In addition, you can download and print out official notices (e.g. de-registration notices) from the Campus Portal.

If you present these documents to external institutions or authorities, the receiving institution/authority can use the online verification function to check the authenticity of the certificates.
As a rule, these automatically generated certificates are sufficient for submission to authorities and other bodies (e.g. for receipt of child benefit, scholarship applications, submission to banks or insurance companies etc.).

Student status confirmation for orphan's pension

The certificate of enrolment you have to submit to the German statutory pension insurance scheme (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) in order to apply for an orphan's pension must adhere to strict formal requirements. The form will be sent to you by the pension insurer, and you should come to the Student Registration Office, where a member of staff will assist you in filling in the form. You must bring your student ID (CampusCard) to this meeting.

Confirmation of periods of study for the statutory German pension insurance scheme

This certificate serves as proof of your periods of study eligible to be counted towards your pension. When your enrolment is terminated, you are sent this certificate together with the de-registration notice.

If you need a new certificate (e.g. to clarify your pension account or in case of loss of the certificate you received when you were de-registered), you may request another copy in writing at the Student Registration Office. Please provide us with the following information: your matriculation number, family name(s), maiden name if applicable, given name(s), date of birth and periods of enrolment at the University of Passau (an approximate period is sufficient if you cannot remember the exact dates) and your current correspondence address. Please send the original copy of the signed and completed request form to the Student Registration Office.

Contact for enquiries

Student Registration Office
Innstrasse 41
94032 Passau
Phone: +49 851 509 ext. 1127 or 1128