Leave of absence

Leave of absence

According to Art. 48 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act you may request leave of absence, exempting you from the obligations of the study requirements for your degree programme. leave of absence is only granted if you can cite a legitimate reason and you will need to provide proof of the reason for requesting leave of absence (supporting documents, i.e. certificates etc.).

The following are examples of legitimate reasons for leave of absence:

  • completing an internship/work experience related to your degree programme
  • study abroad
  • illness
  • maternity leave or parental leave
  • caring for a close relative in accordance with the Home Care Leave Act ('Pflegezeitgesetz')
  • starting up a business

Financial difficulties are not considered a legitimate reason.

Important notice for non-EU students

Please note that leave of absence will likely change the purpose of your stay in Germany ('Aufenthaltszweck') stated on your visa and residence permit, in which case you will have to apply for a new residence permit! If in doubt, please contact the foreigners registration office (Ausländeramt) before applying for leave of absence.

Modules, assessments, duration of study and the student contribution

Semesters on leave do not count towards your number of completed semesters on the degree programme ('Fachsemester'). While on leave, you are not allowed to take any modules or sit examinations at the university which has granted you leave of absence. Exceptions: You may complete modules and assessments at the university while on maternity leave, parental leave or on leave to care for a close relative.

CampusCard validation and the semester contribution

You must pay the semester contribution for semesters out and should validate your CampusCard. Although CampusCard validation starts 10 days before the start of the semester, you can validate your CampusCard sooner if you have been granted a semester out to study abroad or to complete an internship/work placement.

Applying for leave of absence

Your request for leave of absence should be made in writing: leave of absence request form. It should reach us by 31 October for the winter semester or 30 April for the summer semester. Only in cases in which the reason for leave was unforeseeable and arose after the dates indicated above, you may submit your request by the extended deadline of 15 December and 15 June respectively. You cannot request leave of absence for past semesters.

University regulations on matriculation, re-registration, leave of absence and withdrawal/termination of registration (in German)