Bridge courses & tests

Bridge courses & tests

Foreign language placement tests

Welcome to the University of Passau!

If you have existing language skills in the language you wish to study, you will need to take a placement test. Many placement tests are conducted online and you can take these even before the Orientation Week. Depending on the results of the test, you will join the language course at the level most suitable for you. If you wish to study a language ab initio, i.e. without existing knowledge, you should sign up for Foundation 1.1.

If you do not take the placement test despite having existing language skills you will be excluded from the language courses or transferred to another course: this may be done even after you have started courses! You need to sign up separately for the language courses. New students will be able to sign up for a language course after their placement test results have been announced.

PArcours aptitude consultation for students of teacher training programmes

The University offers aptitude evaluation and consultation, which involves demonstrating your skills and knowledge to a panel of experts for a day by completing a number of different exercises. At the end of the day you will receive feedback on your personal strengths and potential for improvement.

Bridge courses for Computer Science and Mathematics

The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics offers a bridge course to those starting on a degree programme in Computer Science (B.Sc. or the teacher training programme), Internet Computing, Mobile and Embedded Systems or Mathematics. This bridge course combines orientation – getting to know the study environment and fellow students – with an introduction of the computing facilities and operating systems you will encounter during your studies. Moreover, a mathematics bridge course is offered before each winter semester to refresh your knowledge of mathematics.