Exhibition on Heritage and Commodification: British Culture and Nature for Tourists

Visitors to the exhibition in the Central Library foyer (Innstrasse 29), which will open at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 7 July 2017, can look forward to a poster-based trip to the UK's cultural and natural heritage sites. The exhibited works were created for an advanced seminar offered by the Professor of English Cultural and Media Studies and are therefore written in English. The exhibition is open to visitors until Friday, 28 July.

Conceived as a round-trip of the United Kingdom, the exhibition highlights a selection of important cultural and natural sites which exemplify key aspects of Britain's treatment of its cultural heritage, the so-called British 'heritage culture'. Going beyond merely showing various tourist attractions and traditions, the exhibition seeks to impart the various presentation and marketing strategies used to raise the general public’s interest in cultural and natural heritage sites in the UK; the exhibition also illustrates the interconnections of heritage culture and tourism.

Furthermore, the exhibition explores the questions raised by heritage culture, e.g. identity construction, how Britain is perceived by Britons and abroad as well as various conceptualisations of culture – all of which are core themes of cultural studies that play a key role in the cultural studies research of students in the field of English Studies.

The exhibition is open every day from 7 to 28 July during the regular opening hours of the University Library. Admission is free.

| 04.07.2017