Register now for the Entrepreneurial Pathfinder and the Advanced Entrepreneurial Pathfinder

Bachelors and Masters students of all faculties can register for the certificate programmes Entrepreneurial Pathfinder (Bachelor) und Advanced Entrepreneurial Pathfinder (Master) until 14 May.


The certificate programmes cater to all Bachelors and Masters students who are interested in the development of new business ideas in the realm of digital technologies. In a programme made up of selected lectures and seminars from all faculties, students who are enthusiastic about starting their own business will get an interdisciplinary overview of the chances, challenges, and risks involved in the founding process. This includes classes such as the lecture series Fundamentals of Digitalization and Digital Trends, the lectures Webengineering, Einführung in die Medienpsychologie (Intro to Media Psychology), Medien- und Internetrecht (Media and Web Law) and seminars about topics such as Entrepreneurial Thinking and Technological Strategies. In addition, students can use the newly established DTE Pathfinder Forum to discuss their own ideas or to develop new business ideas together.

You are interested in digital business ideas and want to make your first steps towards establishing your own business idea?
Apply now on the certificate programme’s webpage for the Entrepreneurial Pathfinder or the Advanced Entrepreneurial Pathfinder. Application deadline is 14 May 2018. Further information on the certificate programme can also be found on the webpage.