Validate your CampusCard

Please remember to validate your CampusCard (student version) for the new semester starting 1 October. Validation enables you to use the card as a student ID and bus pass.

A CampusCard validation terminal

Please make sure you validate your card at the start of each semester. When you put your CampusCard into one of the validation terminals, it will get a new valid-until date printed on, while the old valid-until date is deleted. Without a valid-until date your CampusCard will not be accepted as an ID card for use in examinations or as a bus pass when using the buses in Passau.

Those of you in their second or higher semester who intend to use your card as a bus pass from 21 to 30 September should wait until 30 September before validating your card: if you validate it now, your card's valid dates will be overwritten with the dates for the next semester, which means you cannot use your card as a bus pass until 1 October.

Validation terminals are located in the following buildings:

  • Administration building (VW, Innstrasse 41), ground floor
  • Refectory (M, Innstrasse 29), foyer
  • Business Administration and Economics building, (WIWI, Innstrasse 27)
  • Nikolakloster building (NK, Innstrasse 40)
| 24.09.2015