Bachelor's degrees

Bachelor's degrees

A Bachelor's degree (also Bakkalaureus) is a first degree. Once you have completed your Bachelor's degree you can seek an entry-level position on the labour market or follow up with Master's study. At the University of Passau you may also study for a doctorate (see doctoral study).

Prior to the introduction of the internationally recognised Bachelor's and Master's degrees as part of the Bologna Process, the University awarded Diplom and Magister degrees. These so-called 'long-cycle' first degrees allowed direct access to doctoral study and were thus roughly equivalent to today's Master's degrees. The only disciplines at the University of Passau which deviate from the Bachelor's and Master's system are the teaching degrees and Law, which still conclude with yet another type of qualification, a state examination, at all Bavarian universities.

The Bachelor's programmes at the University of Passau are set out for a standard duration of six semesters (three years). The sole exception to this rule is the eight-semester (four-year) European Studies Major programme, which includes a compulsory year abroad.

Bachelor's programmes

Programme Starts in
Business Administration and Economics October
Computer Science April & October
Education April & October
European Studies April & October
European Studies Major April & October
Governance and Public Policy
(Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology and Public Law)
Historical Sciences
April & October
Information Systems October
International Cultural and Business Studies
(Foreign languages, Business Administration and Cultural Studies)
Internet Computing April & October
Journalism and Strategic Communication October
Language and Text Sciences April & October
Mathematics October
Media and Communication October

Double degree options for the undergraduate programmes


Partner university

Degrees awarded

Law undergraduate programmeLondon (UK) or
Toulouse (France) or
Toledo (Spain)

If you choose the Foreign Law specialisation, some programmes allow you to obtain the corresponding foreign law degree in addition to your specialisation at the University of Passau.
First State Examination for Jurists (Passau) and
Bachelor of Laws (London),
Licence en droit (Toulouse) or
Grado en Derecho (Toledo)
International Cultural and Business Studies (information in German)Buenos Aires (Argentina)Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
and Licenciatura en Gerenciamiento Económico Intercultural


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