Double degree programme with HSE Moscow

Double degree programme with HSE Moscow

Computer Science and Big Data Systems

Programme participants spend one year studying at the University of Passau and one year at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow. The University of Passau recognises courses completed in Moscow and vice-versa, and both institutions award their respective degrees at the end of the programme.

The year in Moscow can be flexibly placed at the beginning, the middle or the end of the Computer Science programme, and students can choose whether to write the Master’s thesis in Passau or Moscow. The language of instruction is English at both universities.

Information from HSE Moscow

HSE Moscow have provided two information sheets for your convenience:


Accepted programme participants will be exempt from HSE's usual tuition fees of 300,000 roubles per year (approximately €6,000 per year). Moreover, they will be eligible for HSE’s attractive apartment accommodation for guest students in Moscow at substantially subsidised prices. The usual semester contribution applies while you are enrolled at Passau.

Selection process

Participants from Passau are selected by the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics (contact person: Professor Joachim Posegga). Accepted participants will be asked to sign a learning agreement which includes details on eligible courses and their modalities for recognition.

Important dates

Interested candidates must apply online with the International Office before 28 February. Once you have been accepted, you additionally have to register with HSE by filling in the registration form on the HSE website or by contacting the Programme Coordinator, Ms Ekaterina German, before 15 May.

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Students following a lecture


Mr Wolfgang Mages (for admissions-related enquiries)

Professor Joachim Posegga (for programme-related enquiries)

Ms Ekaterina German (admissions contact at HSE Moscow)