Doctoral study

Doctoral study

Passau University Library

All Faculties of the University award doctorate degrees, the highest attainable academic qualification.
Doctoral projects are always research projects. You can complete your research as an individually-supervised project while working as a research or teaching assistant at one of the University's chairs, or in a doctoral programme (postgraduate schools and research training groups).

The Graduate Centre is a cross-faculty umbrella institution for all doctoral researchers, organising a high-calibre qualification programme in the following areas:

  • research methods
  • rinciples of good academic practice
  • management of academic organisations 

For more information about doctoral study at the University of Passau, please contact the relevant Faculty:


Please address your enquiries about doctorates to the relevant Dean's office.

Head of Administration for the Graduate Centre

Sabine Wiendl
Sabine Wiendl
Raum N12 204
Nikolastraße 12
Tel.: +49(0)851/509-1110