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Transfer Centre

The Transfer Centre: making research accessible

Established as part of the Technik Plus initiative, the Transfer Centre of the University of Passau is based on the three pillars of knowledge transfer, continuing education and business start-up consultancy.

It aims to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application by helping to make technological innovations accessible to business, society and the wider community. As a central facility of the University, the Transfer Centre's services are available to all faculties and academic disciplines. It is a service and coordination centre that serves as an interface between academia and organisations who use the output from the University; its remit includes the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer in interdisciplinary contexts.

The Transfer Centre which was established as part of the Technik Plus initative is the primary contact for businesses, local government representatives and other social institutions who wish to work together with the University of Passau, and ensures that all enquiries received are forwarded to the relevant scholars and scientists. At the same time, the Transfer Centre advises scholars and scientists of the University of Passau about the transfer of research data and results to companies, local government or society at large.


University consortium for a combined knowledge transfer strategy in the region (TRIO)

From ad hoc collaboration towards a comprehensive transfer consortium: The Transfer and Innovation in Eastern Bavaria (TRIO) programme, which is co-ordinated by OTH Regensburg, seeks to strengthen the knowledge and technology transfer activities of universities in the administrative districts of Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria.


Knowledge and technology transfer in the southern Bohemian and Lower Bavarian region: Science meets Business

What do businesses need? What motivates society? The universities of Passau and České Budějovice are working on these questions. By establishing various networking activities, both universities wish to make science usable for business and society.