University rankings and surveys

University rankings and surveys

The University's outstanding results in rankings and surveys regularly attest to the excellent research and education imparted by the University of Passau as well as the excellent reputation it enjoys in academic circles and among students and recruiters. The University performs particularly strongly in the areas of Law, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science and Cultural Studies.

Overview of recent rankings and surveys

Rankings and surveys

A gratifying result in the Times Higher Education Rankings (THE): For the first time, the University of Passau took part in the Times Higher Education Rankings in 2017. The result: the University is among the best 25 percent of universities worldwide. In the comparison of 1,102 leading international universities, the University of Passau gained a place in the 201-250 group and came in 21st of the 44 participating German universities.

CHE university rankings (05/2017): Passau’s undergraduate Law programme is one of the best among all tested German universities in the categories ‘Overall study situation’ and ‘Teacher support’. Furthermore, Passau’ Information Systems students showed themselves very pleased with their ‘Overall study situation’, while the University’s Business Administration and Economics programme is in the leading group for ‘Graduation in appropriate time’ as well as ‘Courses offered’.

CHE university rankings (11/2015): Passau's M.Sc. Computer Science was found to be among Germany's best degree programmes in the field, based on a survey among master's students.

CHE university rankings (05/2015): Passau's study options in political science were rated 'excellent' by students in a survey for the newspaper Die Zeit, placing it among the best German-speaking departments in the category. Passau's Computer Science students tend to progress quickly through their studies, helping the faculty to a leading position in the category 'Graduation within a reasonable time' among all German-speaking computer science faculties.

CHE university rankings (12/2014): Passau's M.A. International Economics and Business reached top position in the rankings of business and economics master's programmes in the German-speaking world.

CHE university rankings (05/2014): In the rankings for Die Zeit, Passau's Law programme achieved a Germany-wide top score in the categories 'Overall study situation', 'Study organisation' and 'Teacher support'. The M.Sc. Business Administration programme scored highly in the category 'Graduates in standard period of study', and the M.A. International Economics and Business in 'International orientation'.

CHE university rankings (05/2013): The rankings for the newspaper Die Zeit found both Romance Studies and English Studies to be leaders in the categories 'International orientation' and 'Master degrees within standard period of study', emphasizing the appeal of interdisciplinary study offers with a choice of specialisation in English or Romance Studies, as offered in the M.A. European Studies, M.A. International Cultural and Business Studies and M.A. Language and Text Sciences programmes.

CHE university rankings 04/2012: Passau's Computer Science once again reached number one in the rankings for the newspaper Die Zeit. The strength of research output and excellent conditions for study scored particularly highly. This put the University of Passau squarely in the leading group of the 63 university departments evaluated. Passau’s Computer Science faculty is among the leaders for research funding, 'Overall study situation', 'Tutoring' and 'IT infrastructure'.

CHE university rankings (12/2011): In the rankings for the newspaper Die Zeit, which were expanded to include master's programmes in Business Studies, Passau's M.Sc. Business Administration programme came out on top of the 42 programmes tested across the German-speaking world; it received excellent scores for 'Teacher support' and 'Transition to Master's studies'.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2011-12): The University of Passau received good evaluations for its programmes related to Economics, Communication Studies, Political Science as well as Law. Students in all four study programmes are very satisfied with the overall study situation. Moreover, Law achieved top results in the categories 'Tutoring' and 'Revision courses', whereas Communication Studies got high marks for the categories 'Study organisation' and 'Job market preparation'. In the category 'International orientation' the programme gained average results, as did Political Science and Economics.

Wirtschaftswoche (19 April 2011): In the Germany-wide university rankings, recruiters placed the University of Passau at #7 for Law, #12 for Business Administration and #19 for Economics.

Wirtschaftswoche (21/2010, 22 May 2010): Faculty of Law fifth best in a survey among recruiters.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2010-11): Romance Studies scored highly for 'Acquired research funds', while English Studies was found to offer an excellent 'Overall study situation'. Almost all other fields observed received average evaluations.

CHE research rankings for Computer Science (2009): Once more, Passau's M.Sc. Computer Science programme was among the best. Among all Bavarian Computer Science faculties, Passau's attained third place in the important category 'Third-party funds per academic', a category examining the research funds per academic acquired in addition to the baseline state subsidy.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2009-10): Passau's Computer Science programme was in the leading group in four of five categories assessed; no other German computer science faculty scored higher.

Handelsblatt/Junge Karriere (05/2009): In a survey among recruiters, Passau was one of the leading universities for Business Administration and Law.

Handelsblatt/Junge Karriere (06/2008): Recruiters ranked the University of Passau among the best in Germany for Computer Science, Law and Business Administration.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2008-9): Top rankings for Passau's Law programme: Across all categories assessed, only the University of Frankfurt/Oder and the privately-run Bucerius Law School score better. The University's Political Science department is among the leading group in the categories 'Overall study situation', 'Teacher support' and 'Library facilities'.

karriere abi (1/2007): Law programme among the top 10: Passau's Faculty of Law got 2nd place after the privately-run Bucerius Law School, making it the best state-run law faculty.

Spiegel (50/2006)/Studentenspiegel 2: Passau's Faculty of Business Administration and Economics ranked second among public universities and sixth in Germany for entry-level salaries of Business Administration graduates (with a pre-Bologna Diplom degree): 3,361 euros/month gross income.

Karriere (05/2006): Passau's Faculty of Law was named the best state-run law faculty, also maintaining the lowest average duration of study among all public universities (survey among recruiters).

Karriere (05/2006): The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics gained 2nd place among German public universities in the category 'Duration of study' in a survey among recruiters.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2006-7): Teacher education programme in Geography was within the leading group in the categories 'Overall study situation', 'Study organisation' and 'Contact with teachers'. Across all categories, only three German universities were ranked higher.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2006-7): Computer Science in the leading group for 'Tutoring' and 'IT infrastructure'. Across all categories, only eight universities achieved a higher score.

Spiegel (42/2005): Regarding the average duration of university studies, Passau's Law programme obtained 2nd place with 8.5 semesters per student. The Business Administration programme achieved 5th place among all universities, coming in first among all public universities, with 9.3 semesters per student (source: The German Council of Science and Humanities).

Focus (41/2005): German Studies programme ranked in the top group Germany-wide at 9th place.

Die Zeit (8 September 2005): Ranking on the number of scholarship holders from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes foundation: University of Passau ranked first in Bavaria and sixth among all German public universities.

CHE university rankings (ZEIT-Studienführer 2005-6): Business Administration and Law programmes listed in the leading group.

Karriere (05/2005): Law programme at second place (survey among recruiters).

Capital (6/2005, 3 March 2005): Both Business Administration and Economics ranked #8 in the category 'Most graduates recruited'; Law programme ranked #3 in 'Highest reputation' and #7 in the categories 'Professional context' and 'Most graduates recruited'.

Wirtschaftswoche (10/2005, 3 March 2005): Passau's Law programme was ranked 5th behind the universities of Münster, Munich, Heidelberg and Cologne, attaining 2nd place in the category 'Legal counselling'.

Spiegel (48/2004): 'Wo studieren die Besten? Elite-Studenten an deutschen Unis': Law and Political Science in 2nd place, Business Administration and Economics ranked 6th, Computer Science ranked 19th; all attained a place in the leading group.

Junge Karriere (05/2004): Faculty of Law fourth best in a survey among recruiters.

Capital (6/2004): Survey among recruiters puts the Faculty of Law at 4th place in the category 'Highest reputation', 1st place for 'Professional context' and 4th place for 'Most graduates recruited'.

Wirtschaftswoche (4/2004): Law programme in 3rd place.

The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) on 15 November 2002 ranked the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at number 5 for 'External funds acquired' in 1999. (Source: German Federal Statistics Office).

Stern rankings (2002): Business Administration in top or upper middle segment in nearly all assessed categories (student opinion, mentoring, professors' choice, duration of studies and research).

Focus (16/02): Business and Economics received 'good' rating in the categories 'Staff-student ratio' and 'Share of international students'; 'External funding' rated above-average; reputation 'high'.

Managermagazin (March 1999): University of Passau 11th most attractive university for Computer Science students.

Managermagazin (March 1998): University of Passau ranked 6th most attractive university for Business Studies and Economics students.

Spiegel (6/1998): University of Passau ranked 3rd among European higher education institutions.

The world rankings of 10,000 most-cited computer scientists lists 200 Germans – 3 of them Passau graduates.

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