The Technik Plus initiative

The Technik Plus initiative

Since 2011, the University of Passau has undergone a fundamental structural transformation. The initiative with the greatest structural significance to date has been the interdisciplinary Technik Plus development programme, which was launched in 2011, and has since been continuously shaped and strongly supported by all sides – from decision-makers in politics, business and society. Technik Plus includes the creation of new chairs across all four faculties. The Technik Plus chairs are situated at the intersections of classic academic disciplines, and all chairs conduct research and teaching under the University's overarching theme 'Digitalisation, networked society and (internet) cultures'.

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Development programme measures

The Technik Plus initiative comprises numerous measures with great strategic and structural influence:

+ Interdisciplinary alignment: The University has established new chairs and professorships across all faculties. In consequence, attractive new degree programmes and modules have been created.

+ Cosmopolitanism: The University of Passau has redoubled its internationalisation efforts and continues strengthening its profile as an internationally visible and attractive academic institution. At the same time, steps have been taken to create an institutional culture that makes our international guests feel more welcome and looked after by providing a comprehensive range of services.

+ Knowledge transfer: The Transfer Centre, which was established under the Technik Plus initiative, further advances the transfer of academic and scientific research results to business, commerce and society in the form of consultancy, studies and cooperative projects with external partners. Furthermore the entrepreneurship activities, including the University's successful business start-up support, have been intensified.

+ STEM subjects: Germany's innovative drive is threatened by a lack of specialists, demographic effects and a diminished interest in technology. One of the objectives of Technik Plus is to boost interest in the so-called 'STEM subjects' – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – among young adults and school pupils from primary school onwards.

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Strengthening innovation and research in Lower Bavaria

Under the Technik Plus initiative, the University of Passau and Deggendorf Institute of Technology have strengthened their cooperative partnership and concluded a formal partnership agreement in July 2011. In addition, the INDIGO network has created closer ties with the other East-Bavarian higher education institutions.

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