New chairs

Embedded systems are used in route planning

'Digitalisation, networked society and (internet) cultures' is the overarching theme under which research and teaching are conducted at the University: this reflects the interdisciplinary identity of our University and the long-standing tradition of co-operation among its four faculties. The Technik Plus concept has led to the establishment of the following new chairs across all four faculties:

At the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics:

At the Faculty of Business, Economics and Information Systems:

At the Faculty of Law:

At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

New study options

In addition to this, the University has established new degree courses and introduced new modules into existing programmes:

Moreover, the University has introduced new specialisation modules in the existing degree courses on an ongoing basis. Lecture series open to the public are part of the regular range of events offered by the University of Passau, and are designed to offer their audience an inside view of cutting-edge research topics related to the University's overarching theme of Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures.