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Calendar of events

Communication Technology and Data Analytics for Future Energy Systems

Energy Informatics

The design of energy systems that can cope with the intermittency of renewable energy sources as well as the lack of flexibility of demand is a crucial societal concern. Recently, several new technologies, such as power-to-heat systems and electrical vehicles, are emerging, making energy system design even more complex. The new discipline of Energy Informatics (EI) plays a central role in providing a scientific basis for the design of complex energy systems. In addition to exploring technologies for reducing the overall energy demand, it addresses (1) providing a higher extent of consumer flexibility so that more sustainable and locally generated energy is used, (2) increasing the resilience of energy generation and (3) improving the efficiency of new energy systems. It also provides methodologies and technologies to extract and manage information from energy systems. This information is used to optimize the energy system at hand. Furthermore, it offers communication and information-processing principles to operate energy systems securely.

The Summer School entitled “Communication Technology and Data Analytics for Future Energy Systems” focuses on providing a strong foundation in the principles of Energy Informatics, with a focus on telematics, data management, and analytics. The summer school will be a venue for graduate students, researchers and practitioners to learn about and contribute to this field.

The summer school is a joint event of the section „Energy Informatics“, within the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik) and the DFG Research Training Group “Energy Status Data – Informatics Methods for its Collection, Analysis and Exploitation” within Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Leading researchers in the field of Energy Informatics will give an end-to-end perspective on both the fundamentals as well as advanced topics of communication technology, data management and analytics.

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Date & Time

2017-09-11 - 2017-09-15
08:00 am - 05:00 pm


Innstraße 43, IT-Zentrum (ITZ) (Room SR 001)

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