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Calendar of events

Electronic Governance in Estonia as Best Practice for Germany?

From Internet Banking to Internet Voting

Estonian digital governance has received considerable attention in global policy and research circles. This small country has implemented a unique idea of its own, shifting significant contact by private individuals and companies with the state to the internet, where everyone, with a personalized ID, can manage his or her taxes, register a new enterprise, and do much more.
The presentation discusses building blocks and stumbling blocks in digitalization of governance in Estonia. It explores if and how the evolution of Estonian digital governance can signal the future for other governments in Europe and in the world. With ever extending bureaucracies in many Western European countries, and especially so in Germany, the question is how these systems can be prevented. What are costs and benefits of the Estonian approach after more than 20 years of trial and error? Has the e-government system led to better governance and less bureaucracy, or eliminated all remnants of privacy? Is it a system that Germany should – or could, follow? What are future scenarios for evolution of digital governance?
Meelis Kitsing is the Head of the Department of Economics and Finance at the Estonian Business School in Tallinn.

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08:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Innstraße 25, Philosophicum (PHIL) (Room HS 4)

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