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Calendar of events

Global Warming: Obligations of Enterprises

The Principles on Climate Obligations of Enterprises

The Principles on Climate Obligations of Enterprises are a sequel to the Oslo Principles of 2015. Whereas the Oslo Principles address obligations of States in the face of climate change, the Climate Principles for Enterprises focus on enterprises and investors. Both projects aim to further the discussion on what specific entities must do in the face of global warming. Comprised of experts in international, environmental, tort, human rights and company law, the Expert Group on Climate Obligations of Enterprises has developed an approach based on its interpretation of the law as it currently stands or will likely develop in the near future. In doing so, the Group hopes to foster debate about the responsibilities of individual entities and address the threat climate change poses to life, the environment and the economy.
Professor Jaap Spier, former Advocate-General of the Netherlands Supreme Court and Honorary Professor at Maastricht University Faculty of Law will present this approach in a public lecture.

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06:00 pm - 08:00 pm


Innstraße 39, Juridicum (JUR) (Room HS 14)

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