Extended University Executive

Extended University Executive

University Executive

Professor Carola Jungwirth, President
Professor Harry Haupt, Vice President
Professor Jörg Fedtke, Vice President
Professor Ursula Reutner, Vice President
Professor Harald Kosch, Vice President
Dr Achim Dilling, Head of Administration


Professor Hans-Georg Dederer, Dean of the Faculty of Law
Professor Franz Lehner, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Information Systems
Professor Karsten Fitz, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Professor Christian Lengauer, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Women's Representative

Professor Gertrud Moosmüller 

Consultative members

Spokespersons for the Departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Professor Sandra Huebenthal (Department of Catholic Theology)
(to be announced) (Department of Education)
Professor Karsten Fitz (Department of Cultural Studies)
Professor Malte Rehbein (Department of Governance and Historical Studies)
Professor Jan-Oliver Decker (Department of Language, Text and Media Studies)
Professor Matthias Brandl (regular guest from the Teacher Education Centre)


Student representatives (regular guests, Student Senators and elected Student Committee members)
Representatives for academic staff (regular guests)
Representative for academic support staff (regular guest)