Gender Equality Officer

Gender Equality Officer

The Gender Equality Officer of the University of Passau

The Gender Equality Officer is responsible for ensuring gender equality among the University's academic support staff. This post is established by the Bavarian Gender Equality Act (BayGIG) (text in German) which specifies her scope of duties in art. 15 to 19 inclusive BayGIG. The Gender Equality Officer monitors and promotes the act, which comprises the following objectives:

  • achieving gender equality in the public sector
  • raising the proportion of women wherever they are severely under-represented as a group
  • ensuring that men and women have equal opportunities
  • making it easier for families to reconcile family and work life
  • achieving an equal representation of men and women in the various governing bodies

Other responsibilities in accordance with the Bavarian Gender Equality Act

  • Support the University in the implementation of the gender equality guidelines
  • Participate in the monthly meetings of the University representatives and Staff Council
  • Carry out own initiatives to

    • implement the Gender Equality Act
    • improve circumstances for women
    • improve work and family balance for men and women

  • participate in all matters relevant to gender equality: this area is far more wide-reaching than most people assume, since gender equality permeates almost all areas of life and work
  • participate in all matters with significance for work and family balance for men and women and to ensure equal opportunities for both sexes
  • Advice on gender equality issues and support for staff in individual cases

The University's facilities support the Gender Equality Officer, inform her in full and at an early stage of all developments with relevance for gender equality, and seek her involvement in these developments

The Gender Equality Officer is a member of the following networks:


Dr. Claudia Krell
Raum JUR 011
Tel.: +49(0)851/509-1023

Deputy Gender Equality Officer

Birgit Stümpfl
Raum VW 318
Innstraße 41
Tel.: +49(0)851/509-1220