Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

The University of Passau has committed itself to the creation of equal opportunities at university, working on an infrastructure that allows for an improved reconcilability of study, work and family life, thereby fostering equal opportunities between men and women in the academic world. Moreover, the University offers financial support for female early career researchers to encourage the formation of networks among female academics.

Programmes for the advancement of women are a central and well-established instrument on the way to establishing equal opportunities. Therefore, not all programmes should be offered to both sexes. However, men also have an important role to play in the process, for example by entering 'feminised' fields of study.

Thus, the University of Passau offers a Boys' Day corresponding to the annual Girls' Day. These events are intended to facilitate the transition from school to university by overcoming fears and comparing one’s personal qualification standard with university requirements, eventually breaking up gender-specific study choices.

Moreover, the measures and offers for the support of families at the university are addressed to men and women alike, including the 'Studying as a parent' award, which is presented to members of both sexes.

Equal opportunities concepts at the University of Passau

The equal opportunities concepts provide the basis for comparisons between the situation of male and female employees in accordance with Article 5 of the Bavarian Equal Opportunities Act (Bayerisches Gleichstellungsgesetz). In order to do so, equal opportunities policies and relevant data are evaluated.

Equal opportunities concept for academic staff (2011)
Equal opportunities concept for academic support staff (1997)

Gender equality report 2014

The University of Passau aims at increasing the share of women in all academic fields and fostering equal opportunities for men and women. The current gender equality report (German), based on figures from 2009 to 2014, documents the proportion of men and women at all different academic qualification levels. It illustrates, for example, that the share of female professorships has doubled from 9% in 2009 to 14% in 2014.

Gender-sensitive language

On 9 April 2013, the University of Passau adopted guidelines for gender-sensitive language (German). The University of Passau thereby fulfilled the directive to implement the organisational guidelines of gender-sensitive language of the Bavarian State Government (2003), which allowed for implementation until 2014 in printed texts and by the end of 2015 for online texts. In case of difficulties with the implementation of the University’s guidelines for gender-sensitive language, please contact the Women's Office.  



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