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Services for families

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With the Family and University Charter, the University of Passau commits itself to a family-friendly profile. The charter includes all areas of university life, ranging from management to study and working conditions, day care, research and networking. The charter is based on the voluntary commitment of the participating universities. Its family-friendliness concept provides for childcare and caring for relatives.

When do I have to register for maternal or paternal leave? What do parental benefits amount to? Who can I consult regarding educational issues? The service portal of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth helps you answer these and many other questions related to family.

How family-friendly is the German higher education system?

How well can professional life and family life be reconciled? On Junge Akademie's 'Science and Family' platform, researchers shared and discussed their views and experiences. Find a selection of their statements and comments on their website.

Family Service offers at a glance

Studying as a parent

The University of Passau offers a variety of employment models. To ensure a balance between work life and family life, it has at its disposal such instruments as parental leave, part-time work, flexible office hours and childcare facilities. See the Equal Opportunities Officer's web page for details.

Checklist for parents-to-be

What do I need to consider before and following the birth of my child? This list (German) offers an overview of all important steps. 

Parent-child room in the Central Library

The newly established room provides a central space on campus for parents and children. It is located in the Central Library building, to the right of the lobby (room 117). The room is equipped with a computer, a play corner, a cot and a comfortable couch. Food you bring along can be heated in the adjacent kitchen. The room for parents and children is kept locked when not in use. Please approach the Central Library’s lending desk to borrow the keys – you will have to leave your CampusCard with the lending desk and it will be returned to you when you bring them back. If you are not a university student or staff member, you may register to use the room with the Equal Opportunities Section.

Parent association ‘CampusEltern’, free children’s meal, parent-child room in the Central Library: This leaflet (German) informs you about all offers and contacts for families at the University of Passau.

Please note: The Equal Opportunities and the Family Service sections have moved to the Administration building, Innstrasse 41, rooms 007 and 008.

Family Service newsletter

The Family Service newsletter informs you about current changes related to the reconcilability of family and studies or working life. 

Children’s meals at the refectory

The refectory offers free children’s meals to all children up to age 6 whose parents are studying at the University. Children may choose a main and side dish from the daily menu for free. To use this service, you need a child cafeteria card, which you need to register for by submitting your letter of enrolment for the current semester and your child’s birth certificate to the ‘MensaCard’ office in the Central Library building, room ZB 163 (opposite the refectory's main entrance).

Family Service newsletter

The Family Service newsletter informs you about current changes related to the reconcilability of family and studies or working life. 

Underground parking

Students with children below the age of 10 are entitled to use the student underground car park. When applying to have your CampusCard underground parking access functionality activated, you should submit their birth certificate.
Contact: Buildings and Estates helpdesk
Administration building, room VW 002
Innstrasse 41, 94032 Passau, Germany
Terms of use of the University’s underground car park (German)

Mentoring programme for new studying parents

Experienced students with children help newcomers: The Student Services Association connects mentors with new studying parents at the University. If you are a studying parent interested in participating in this mentoring programme (as a mentor or mentee) please contact Ms Elke Penteker:

In order to make contact with the parent association ‘CampusEltern’, join the group on Stud.IP.

Welfare advice section of the Student Services Association (Studentenwerk)

The Welfare Advice Office of the Student Services Association helps you to perform the balancing act between lectures and nursery, library and changing table, and to support your study with a child/children. For questions concerning welfare advice and individual life planning, Ms Elke Penteker is at your service.

Studying as a parent

Finding a balance between lectures and nursery, library and changing table: Pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing confront students with a variety of challenges in their daily life and personal life planning. Time extensions, finances, diaper-changing facilities: The webpage Studying as a parent provides various offers and advice for parents with children. 

The Studying as a Parent Award

The University of Passau's Studying as a Parent Award honours the outstanding commitment of studying parents successfully combining parenthood and studies. It is presented annually to the best students with a child/children of each faculty who successfully completed their studies, and comes with a cash prize of €500. For details, see the info sheet ‘Studying as a parent' (German).

Application form for the Studying as a Parent Award

University crèche ‘Campuskinder e.V.’

Passau's University crèche is located on campus and offers day care for children of University students and staff. Two groups of 12 children, ranging from approximately 10 months to kindergarten age. You can apply for a place at any time.
Phone: +49 851 509 1930
Innstrasse 47, 94032 Passau, Germany
Web page

External offers

Offers for children in Passau

Europabibliothek Library: Princesses, clowns and baby dragons

The Europabibliothek in Passau puts on a variety of events each year for children of different ages, including a musical reading, a performance of the royal court theatre Lumumba and a baby dragon club for children up to age 3. All events are free and do not require registration. Programme

Recreational offers for families

The region between the three rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz and the Bavarian Forest national park offer numerous leisure activities for parents and children. Whether you like to hike, take a bike trip, go swimming or visit a wildlife park – the region has it all. Also, the city of Passau has much to offer: take a look at our leisure tips. If your family is up to a smaller adventure, visit one of the city’s playgrounds.

Passau’s Family Card

The Family Card is an offer for families provided by the City of Passau. Whether at Passau’s swimming pool, in nearby museums or when using public transport – the Passau Family Card lets you access a variety of discounts.

The PassauCard

Spend your free time engaging in a variety of activities in and around Passau! Whether in the baths, at a leisure parks, a sports centre or a boat tour on the rivers Inn and Danube – you can save money by using the PassauCard.

Day care offers

The University of Passau has committed itself to a high reconcilability between study/work and family life. We would therefore like to inform you about existing day care facilities in and around Passau.

Survey among studying parents

In 2013, students with children were asked to take part in a survey on the reconcilability of study and family life. We greatly thank all students who were willing to take part in the survey!

See the survey results

Diaper-changing tables

All university buildings provide diaper-changing facilities. See this plan (German) for an overview of the facilities.

Checklist for parents-to-be

This list (German) gives an overview of important steps before and following the birth of your child.

Contact for enquiries

Marie-Helene Wünsch
Marie-Helene Wünsch

Room VW 008

Phone: +49 851 509 1026

Offene Sprechstunde:
Mi 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr und n.V.

Student Services Association (Studentenwerk) Passau
Ms Elke Penteker
Phone: +49 851 509 1900
Office hours:
Tues 9 - 11 a.m.
Wed 2 - 4 p.m.
Thurs 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
and by arrangement
Administration building, Innstrasse 29, room 238
94032 Passau

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