The mentoring programme mentUP+ is the continuation of the successful mentUP programme. With mentUP+ the University of Passau aims to improve women's career opportunities in leadership positions within academia and business as well as at social, cultural and public institutions, while contributing to the development of so-called 'High Potentials' and increasing the proportion of women in leadership roles. One new feature with mentUP+ over mentUP is that the mentees can now choose between a female or male mentor. For more information, please refer to the leaflet on the mentUP+ programme (German).

Should you be interested in joining the programme as a mentor, please send us the completed profile sheet (German).

For details on the current framework programme in place for mentees, read our Information for mentees.


The introduction of mentUP+ replaces the concept of cross-gender mentoring with mentoring tandems involving female and male executives. The mentoring tandems are accompanied by coaching seminars. For the mentees, this translates into introductory and final workshops as well as networking events that take place on an interchanging monthly basis with seminars and training courses.

Mentoring tandems

Mentee and mentor develop and discuss bilateral career prospects for the mentee. The mentee primarily receives:

  • support during the strategic development and effective implementation of their career planning, as well as advice on how to deal with the potential hurdles along their career path
  • important information regarding the specific requirements for holding a leadership position in science, industry or other institutions
  • knowledge, contacts and the so-called 'rules of the game' in academia, business and other sectors

Seminars and workshops

The meetings and mentoring tandems are supplemented by a host of career-relevant seminars and workshops covering the following key areas:

  • Leadership skills (e.g. conflict management)
  • Methodological skills (e.g. time management)
  • Personal skills (e.g. self-marketing)


The strategic networking with other mentees and mentors is promoted in the form of network meetings.

Programme agenda

  • Approximately seven meetings of the mentoring tandem, to be organised by the mentee and mentor themselves
  • Different formats: seminar, training courses and network meetings for mentees (usually rotates on a monthly basis)
  • Approximately two individual coaching sessions for mentees

Subsequent to this phase, mentees are then required in the following year to assist new mentees as alumnae, and to participate in network meetings.

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