Using the honorific ‘Frau Doktor’ to refer to the wife of a physician luckily belongs to the past. Today, more and more women decide to pursue a career in academia. More girls than boys qualify for higher education, female university graduates outnumber their male counterparts. Women are also closing the gap in the field of doctoral degrees: According to the ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ newspaper, around 10,000 women in Germany obtained a doctoral degree in 2007, making up a a share of 42%. In 2000, the share of women amounted to only 34%.

However, women remain under-represented in research and teaching: Women make up only one third of academic staff at universities. This ‘gender gap’ is especially wide concerning when it comes to university chairholders. The University of Passau has committed itself to the promotion of women on campus, and therefore provides various support offers for women. The advancement of women has also been included in the University’s target agreements for 2013.

Research projects with a gender focus

  • ‘Gender concepts in bestselling literature and movies for children and youth - a critical examination’: Professor Karla Müller (Professor of German Literature and Language Education) in co-operation with Professor Hans Krah and Professor Jan-Oliver Decker (Professor of Modern German Literature and Media Semiotics) and the Chair of German Literature and Language Education at the University of Regensburg (Professor A. Schilcher) led by the University of Passau, start: summer semester 2013
    Publication: Karla, Müller et. al. 2016: Developing gender competence with children’s and youth literature. Basics- Analyses - Models. (in German) Hohengehren: Schneider Verlag.

Theses with a gender focus

  • The Reception of Gender Studies in Polish Literature (in German) by Theresa Vatter Download
  • Gender Migrations - The Feminisation of Immigration to the United States. Theoretic Concepts and Analysis with Special Focus on the Labour Market (in German) by Caroline van Meegen on request
  • From Boys’ Schools to Girls’ Day. Gender-specific Connotations of School in Regard to the Transformation of Gender Roles (in German) by Martina Schmölz on request
  • The Gender Pay Gap in Leading Positions (in German) by Constantin Beyer von Jutrzenka Morgenstern Download
  • Conflicts of Language and Reference Categories with Focus on the Gender-Sex-Complex (in German) by Jana Müller Download (on request)
  • Alien, common, different? On the Reception of Feminism in Post-Soviet Russia (in German) by Katharin Kühn Download
  • Space and Femininity in Victorian England. Re-Reading Spatial Concepts and Female Identities in English Literature from 1830 - 1880 by Sabina Kirk (on request)

Publications from the Women's Office

The following publications are based on events of the Women's Office:

  • Günther, Susanne et al. (ed.). 2014: Women – Gender – Science. Available online.
    The volume is based on the symposium ‘Gender.Women.Science’ which took place at the University of Passau in summer 2013.
  • Wawra, Daniela (ed.). 2007: Multi-Disciplinary Gender Research. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. (272 p.)
  • Wawra, Daniela (ed.). 2009: Media Cultures. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. (in print)
    This publication is based on the first colloquium of early career researchers at the University of Passau in winter semester 2007/2008.






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