English Conversation for Professors
Anmeldung nur für Professorinnen und Professoren möglich!
Barro, Ana
For today’s university professors it’s not a challenge anymore to use academic English literature. However that’s not the case with the active use of speaking skills. Except for one or two international congresses a year one gets an opportunity to use his or her active English skills only perhaps on holidays. The course “English Conversation” aims to close this gap and practice the active speaking skills by increasing the weekly amount of “speaking time” in English.
The aim is an improvement of the language skills and the development of oral articulateness and pronunciation.
The participants practice e.g. to give English instruction, discuss issues, clarify certain aspects or simply practice small talk.

The course will be aimed at the individual needs of its participants.

Learning Objectives:
• to improve individual English language skills
• to improve oral interaction and production of the English language

Used Methods:
• Communicative and interactive speaking are the focus of this course
• Group work / work in pairs

Target Group:
• This course is for every professor of the University of Passau who would like to get some additional practice and increase the weekly English “speaking time” together with their colleagues in a casual environment.

Participant Requirements:
teach at a Bavarian university

Course Instructor:
Ana Barro
• Almost 30 years experience of teaching English at all levels, including tertiary level, in the UK and in Passau. She has also worked as a translator/interpreter and was active in the field of intercultural communication. Currently working full-time at the BAP (Fremdsprachenschule Passau), where she teaches English and Spanish and is deputy head of the school.

Participation Fee:
free event
(NK) SR 201
Mi. 18:00 - 19:30 (wöchentlich)
Erster Termin:Mi , 10.05.2017 18:00 - 19:30, Ort: (NK) SR 201
SS 17
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