Towards New Horizons in Digital Humanities

Multimodal Approaches for Visual Media

Current advances in Computer Vision have a huge potential for Digital Humanities: There is a growing number of research questions in the humanities which address not only text but also other media—especially visual ones.

Yet, quantitative multimodal approaches are still to be considered a desideratum within the Digital Humanities. Although Computer Science has developed promising approaches in the field of Computer Vision, as of now these contemporary methods for image and video analysis have rarely been made accessible for the humanities.

In recent years, the Passau Center for eHumanities has devoted itself precisely to address this desideratum. In five pilot projects on various humanities topics, new methods were tested and evaluated to add a multimodal dimension to Digital Humanities. PACE developed, for example, auspicious new tools for analysing visual corpora by means of using neural networks. The BMBF-funded workshop Towards New Horizons in Digital Humanities presents the results of our work and discusses further methodological innovations, possible multimodal research tools and other state-of the-art-approaches for visual corpora in the Digital Humanities. The two-day workshop includes high-level theoretical discussions to identify methodological problems and also a hackathon to address some of these questions at once.

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15.03.2019 - 16.03.2019
09:00 - 18:00 Uhr


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