A beautiful campus

A beautiful campus

Going for a walk on Germany's most beautiful campus

In 2009, German national student magazine UNICUM ran a competition for the nicest university campus in Germany: Passau came out on top. Of course, to our students this was hardly news.

What makes this campus special?

  • Bright, friendly rooms, and all lecture theatres and seminar rooms feature large windows
  • A lovely mix of architectural styles, encompassing award-winning ultra-modern buildings and the Nikolakloster, a 14th-century convent building now in shared use by the University of Passau and the Sisters of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem (German Order); the convent section also comprises the student church St. Nikola
  • A beautifully arranged campus with green spaces, footpaths, trees and art installations, conveniently close to the city centre and at the same time sufficiently detached to create a calm, academic atmosphere

A quick walk across the campus or along the bordering river Inn allows students to get a breath of fresh air between lectures. The architecture throughout the campus was designed to blend in with the natural spaces and the cityscape as a whole. If time is pressing, the whole campus can be traversed by foot in just under 15 minutes, and much faster by bicycle. And if you need to go off campus – the city centre starts right behind the Nikolakloster portal.

Of course students can make use of the natural surroundings on campus for their own events. The natural amphitheatre in front of the main library entrance, looking out onto the river Inn, is a great place to stage theatre plays in summer, and the Innwiese– the meadow between the Philosophicum, Innsteg Auditorium and Nikolakloster buildings, is a popular hangout for students during the summer months, with lots of barbecues, music and people playing recreational sports. This is also the site of the JuniWiesn, the University's summer festival held in June every year.

Seven great reasons for studying in Passau

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Need more reasons?  Conditions for study, double degrees, the Language Centre, business links, Germany's most beautiful campus, student life, Bavarian flair and a great place to live.


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