The University of Passau
Vice President Ursula Reutner of the University of Passau and Vice President Yan Guohua of Beijing Foreign Studies University

University of Passau and Beijing Foreign Studies University agree to intensify partnership

Strengthening this partnership with a leading Chinese university is an important step in the University's internationalisation strategy. The agreement brings new student exchange programmes and closer cooperation between the Faculties of Law, Arts & Humanities and Business Administration & Economics and their counterparts at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

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Getting started in Passau

Information for new students

As a new winter semester is about to start, here is some valuable information about living and studying in Passau for new students.Read on

German courses for international students

Learn German before you study

Find out about our Academic German Semester and Academic German Year programmes for international students.Read on

Sẵn sàng bảo vệ tố quốc! = Ready to defend the fatherland.

Is Vietnam revinventing its history?

Researchers from the University of Passau are engaged in a joint three-year, DFG-funded research project with Vietnam National University Hanoi to determine the extent to which the country's...Read on