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An electric meter

Who Can Hijack Your Smart Meter? Weak Security Threatens Energy Grid

Researchers from the universities of Passau and Coimbra have exposed major flaws in a widely deployed smart grid system: The Open Smart Grid Protocol, an essential pillar of the energy distribution technology, does not deliver the security required for critical infrastructures, such as smart grids, that potentially connect meters in millions of homes.

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The University of Passau promotes Open Access

Open Access

The University has made it a strategic aim to promote the use of open access and provides the infrastructure and advice for academics interested in open access publication.Read on

Research Training Group on Privacy

Research Training Group on Privacy

Aiming to develop a comprehensive theory of privacy and describe its parameters and interaction with other concepts, the group addresses postgraduate scholars with a viable, interdisciplinary concept.Read on

iRhetoric in Russian

iRhetoric in Russian: Performing the Self through Mobile Technology

Professor Dirk Uffelmann explores the rhetoric in online self-presentation using mobile technologies.Read on