The University of Passau
Students at the University of Passau

Visit the campus on our Open Day

Are you considering studying at the University of Passau and would like to get shown around our campus and perhaps ask us a question or two? Then why not attend our Open Day on 21 March 2015?

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Experimental field study in Burkina Faso

Field study in Burkina Faso

Professor Michael Grimm examines the interrelationships between community-based health insurance, the level of health and investment behaviour the third-world country.Read on

German courses for international students

Learn German before you study

The application round for the Academic German Year programme for international students starting in October 2015 opens in March.Read on

PolyJIT logo

Just in time: PolyJIT

The PolyJIT research project seeks to explore automatic parallelisation of programs for multicore computing and how the polyhedron model can be applied not only at compile time, but at also run time.Read on