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Survey on doctoral study at the University of Passau (stock photo)

Doctoral study survey in Stud.IP

The Representative Council for Academic and Artistic Staff and the Graduate Centre invite all doctoral students to take part in the current survey on doctoral study conditions, which is open until 2 May. The results will be used to improve the doctoral student experience at the University. Please log on to Stud.IP to complete the questionnaire.

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Do you speak French? Source:

Typology of Francophonies

The Typology of Francophonies throughout the world (ToF) project is aimed at developing a comprehensive description of the distribution of the French language around the globe.Read on

A study on the market power of tech giants

Discrimination of search results may work in consumers' favour

Should discriminating practices of tech giants such as paid prominence be banned outright? Researchers from Passau and Belgium think that might not be in consumers' best interests.Read on

German courses for international students

Learn German in one academic year

The University is currently accepting applications for the Academic German Year programme starting in October (winter semester). Please read on for details.Read on


Researchers advise against non-discrimination obligations for big online platforms

Researchers from Passau and Namur, Belgium, have investigated discriminatory practices of online...

Chair of Romance Languages and Cultures publishes first handbook on the distribution of the French language around the globe

The handbook, titled Manuel des francophonies, is the result of the first comprehensive survey of...

Fraunhofer IIS to set up a research group at the University

For Passau, it's an old dream come true – a non-university research institution setting up a branch...