The University of Passau
From left to right: Andrew Otto, Programme Director for the University of London International Programmes at Passau; Professor Ursula Reutner, Vice President of the University of Passau; Barbara Zacharias, Head of the International Office and Student Services; Andrew Rink, International Communication Officer. Photo: HRK

University of Passau receives internationalisation audit certificate

On 1 December, the University was presented with a certificate for the successful completion of the HRK Internationalisation Audit. Vice President Urusla Reutner: ‘We are very fortunate to have students and teaching staff who are exceptionally committed to internationalism’.

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Experimental field study in Burkina Faso

Field study in Burkina Faso

Professor Michael Grimm examines the interrelationships between community-based health insurance, the level of health and investment behaviour the third-world country.Read on

Professor Esser at a conference in Bangkok

Human Rights in Criminal Proceedings

The HRCP research centre, led by Professor Robert Esser of the Faculty of Law, explores all aspects of human rights protection in criminal proceedings in Europe and beyond.Read on

PolyJIT logo

Just in time: PolyJIT

The PolyJIT research project seeks to explore automatic parallelisation of programs for multicore computing and how the polyhedron model can be applied not only at compile time, but at also run time.Read on