The University of Passau
The HyRiM researchers: Professor Hermann de Meer, Ali Alshawish, He Xiaobing and Michael Niedermeier (from right to left)

Risk Management for Tomorrow's Power Grids

What will the power grids of the future look like and what threats will they be exposed to? Professor Hermann de Meer and his team are finding answers to these questions in the Hybrid Risk Management for Utility Networks (HyRiM) project.

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Experimental field study in Burkina Faso

Field study in Burkina Faso

Professor Michael Grimm examines the interrelationships between community-based health insurance, the level of health and investment behaviour the third-world country.Read on

Screenshot of the STATISTA statistical information system

STATISTA statistics portal

Info graphs, statistics, surveys and reports on more than 60,000 subjects: reputable sources, always up to date, directly downloadable and freely accessible from the University's computer network.Read on

Sẵn sàng bảo vệ tố quốc! = Ready to defend the fatherland.

Is Vietnam revinventing its history?

Researchers from the University of Passau are engaged in a joint three-year, DFG-funded research project with Vietnam National University Hanoi to determine the extent to which the country's...Read on