The Language Centre

The Language Centre

Learn a foreign language at the Language Centre

One of the best in Germany

Highly qualified and experienced language lecturers and a great staff/student ratio make the Language Centre of the University of Passau one of the best, if not the best, in Germany.

If you have been wondering why so many of our students opt to complete part of their degree studies abroad, the answer is: because they can! Our language courses give students the necessary linguistic pre-requisites to undertake study, research or work in exotic places such as Bolivia or Indonesia, rather than being confined to places where German or English is the main language.

Students can choose to complete a subject-specific language programme in combination with their degree studies; these programmes are free of charge for matriculated students and are offered in four different specialisations:

  • Business and Economics
  • Law
  • Cultural Studies
  • Computer Science

And did you know that Passau has more language courses certified to the highest UNIcert® level than any other German university? This means you get to learn your chosen language – even if it is an exotic one like Russian or Chinese – from scratch to advanced during your time at university.

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