University profile and vision

University profile and vision

The University of Passau stands for excellent research and innovative teaching – as well as the diversity and an openness to the world that are essential preconditions for such excellence. In Passau, science, culture and an entrepreneurial spirit find their unique combination; people from all over the world meet in the baroque Old Town and talk to each other about their academic, cultural or entrepreneurial projects. This spirit of togetherness is one of our greatest strengths.

Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures

State, society, commerce and industry, technology, government, culture and education – all are interconnected on a global scale and affected by increasing digitalisation. Academia must react to these changing conditions by re-examining and adapting its analytical and interpretative paradigms and patterns of action to find answers to the questions that arise as a result of these developments.

The University of Passau is ready to meet this challenge! Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures and the focal topics of Europe and Global Transformation as well as Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order form the overarching themes under which research and teaching are conducted at the University: this reflects the interdisciplinary identity of our University and the long-standing tradition of co-operation among its four faculties.

It's a digital world

The vision of the University

Our aim is to become a forward-looking, internationally renowned and attractive university that produces excellent, competitive research and delivers strong, innovative teaching.

Until 2028, the University intends to become one of the leading European centres of basic research in the societal implications of digitalisation.

Advancement of early career researchers

Any university that strives to maintain sustained excellence in research and teaching must provide an excellent support base for those setting out on their research careers. To this end, the University has made it a core objective to give its early career researchers the best possible support when it comes to gaining qualifications and participating in (international) networks. This is particularly true for the University’s female academics.

The University enables its early career researchers to engage in interdisciplinary, personal exchange and participate in the latest developments in co-operative, interdisciplinary and international research.

Equal opportunities and diversity

We strive to ensure that all students and staff have equal access to the outstanding offerings of the University, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, philosophy, religious views, disability or (chronic) illness.

The University makes continuous efforts to realise gender equality, facilitate reconcilability of family and study or work, and to strengthen and leverage the advantages of the diversity among students and staff. Freedom from discrimination is a necessary prerequisite for sustainability, international appeal, competitiveness, innovation and academic excellence.


As a university, we consider it one of our primary duties to highlight the social relevance of academic research and make new knowledge accessible.

The University embraces its regional responsibility, and in addition, sees itself as a driver of innovation that provides valuable impulses for society. By engaging in the transfer of knowledge that can be applied in a social, cultural or economic context, we aim to take a prominent, leading role in shaping modern knowledge societies. Business start-up support is crucial in achieving this aim.

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