Academic Advice Service

Academic Advice Service

Questions about studying at the University? The Academic Advice Service is here to give you detailed answers. We provide guidance and advice to current and prospective degree-seeking students on the following topics:

  • Information on the subjects and programmes of the University of Passau
  • Subject choices within your degree programme
  • General questions and problems arising over the course of your degree studies
  • How to structure your studies
  • Starting a programme on the basis of foreign qualifications
  • Change of degree programme
  • Double degree programmes
  • Withdrawing from a programme
  • Transition from bachelor's to master's study
  • Studying with disabilities and chronic illnesses

If you are an exchange student, please contact the International Office instead.

Guidance and advice

We will make time for your concerns! For smaller questions, you can come in during our drop-in hours, Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. For more complex questions, we ask that you make an appointment with the secretaries, phone: +49 851 509 ext. 1153 or 1154.

You can contact us by phone Mondays to Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and Mondays to Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m.

If you have very in-depth questions on a degree programme or subject, particularly if you are at an advanced stage of your programme, please contact the relevant Programme Adviser.

Johanna Schmidt

Johanna Schmidt
Academic Adviser

Room 109, phone: +49 851 509 1152 (mornings)

Tanja Rieger

Tanja Rieger
Academic Adviser, Adviser for International Degree-seeking Students

Room 112, phone: +49 851 509 1150

Dr Ulrike Bunge

Dr Ulrike Bunge
Academic Adviser and Adviser for Persons with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

Room 114, phone: +49 851 509 1151 (mornings)

Franziska Beck

Franziska Beck
Academic adviser and adviser for international degree-seeking students

Room 119, phone: +49 851 509 1155

Katharina Woias

Innstr. 41 (Administration Building)
Room 113
94032 Passau
Tel.: +49 851 509-1154 

Ulrike Mayer-Sagolla

Innstr. 41 (Administration Building)
Room 113
94032 Passau
Tel.: 0851 509-1153

Information material

The study options page has more information about the degree programmes listed for each degree programme. The information sheets of the Academic Advice Service give you comprehensive information on each programme and are available from the 'Downloads' box on the right-hand side of each programme profile page. Printed information sheet are available from your Academic Adviser.

What else do we do?

The Academic Advice Service organises various events throughout the semester:

  • Open Days
  • Schnupperstudium (for school pupils)
  • Studieren für einen Tag (for school pupils)
  • Information events for schools visiting the University
  • Information events at various schools
  • Webinars on various topics


Academic Advice Service


Office hours:
Wed 9 a.m. – 12 noon
or by appointment

1st floor,
Administration building
Innstrasse 41

Phone: +49 851 509 ext. 1154, 1153, 1152, 1151 or 1150
(Mon – Fri 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and Mon – Thurs 1–3 p.m.)