Buddy scheme for international students

Buddy scheme for international students

Finding your way around: the buddy scheme

What is the buddy scheme?

'Where can I find what at the university?' 'Where can I buy groceries and go shopping without burning a hole in my wallet?' 'Which bus do I have to take to get to ... ?' 'What about nightlife?' 'Where and how can I get to know local students?'

These and many more questions arise when you are new in Passau. The buddy scheme aims at supporting you - as an international student - to become integrated into your new cultural, linguistic and academic life. To achieve this, we rely on committed students from the University of Passau who voluntarily assist you in settling in while in return expecting to learn something about your culture and language.

Who may register for the buddy scheme?

  • International students who spend one or two semester as exchange students at the University of Passau
  • International students who enrol as degree-seeking students at the University of Passau (Please do not register for the buddy scheme before you have not received an admission letter for your studies at the University of Passau!! You will have plenty of time to register after the receipt of said document.)
  • International students who enrol for either one of the following two programs: German Academic Year or German Academic Semester 

What happens when I register for the buddy scheme?

Upon registration you will receive an automated confirmation email. After that, we will, as soon as possible, send an e-mail to your account with the contact details of a regular student, your mentor.

You should then ideally get in touch with her/him before your arrival to introduce yourself to her/him and to send her/him your most urgent questions. After your arrival in Passau, you should have the first meeting with your mentor as soon as possible, so that you can get to know each other. For the same reason, you may also want to invite your mentor to take part in activities with other international (exchange) students.

After that, it will be up to you both how often you will meet during your stay in Passau.  
In any case, you should keep in touch with her/him during the whole period of your stay at the University of Passau. Your commitment is as important for the programme's success as your mentor's commitment. Please be responsive to your mentor and to our communications.

When can I register for the buddy scheme?

For the winter semester: until the end of the first week of the lecture period in October
For the summer semester: until the end of the first week of the lecture period in April


Then please fill in the online application form.

More questions?


I look forward to seeing you here in Passau!

Dalila Faust
Student Assistant, International Office

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