Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records

Each exchange student will receive an official Transcript of Records after finishing a semester at the University of Passau. It usually takes 2 to 3 months to complete the Transcript and to deliver it to the respective student’s home address. The original document will be sent directly to the student’s home address.

The Transcript of Records includes the final marks of all the courses the student has passed, which means that the student has been assessed by a final exam or a course paper.
Failed or discontinued courses are also listed in the document, but the student will not receive credits for those classes. ECTS credits can only be granted for successfully passed courses.

In order to be issued a Transcript of Records, each student has to fill in a “Kursliste” before the end of the semester. This list contains all attended courses, their instructors and the ECTS credits and has to be handed in to the International Office by the end of the semester. The course list template will be sent to the students per email towards the end of the semester to be completed.


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